heathguide6 - clothing he will make In fact there is so...

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Mozarmi 1 Sean Mozarmi Ms. Zwick AP English Literature 27 January 2011 Heath Guide #6 1. The action of the poem is taking place in the narrator’s brain (mind). 2. It is the poet’s funeral. 3. The poet’s dead body. 4. The mourners would not actually wear boots of lead. The poet describes the this way because the sound they make is so grating and terrifying, as well as amplified in her mind. 5. The worlds she plunges through can be many things, probably different times of her life, or flashbacks. They can also be worlds leading to the afterlife. 1. poises: flowers swains: country lad or male lover 2. The shepherd has been moved to speak because of his love for the nymph. This is the same emotion that has inspired Marlowe to write the poem. 3. He is trying to impress her and imbue in her a memory of such a vivid description of the
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Unformatted text preview: clothing he will make. In fact, there is so much detail that it seems as if he has already made it. The extent of the detail he uses also seems to imply that he knows it is their destiny to marry. 4. No, as the shepherd only focuses on material and perishable objects. 5. Yes because of its rhyme scheme and lively tone. 6. The shepherd’s argument is persuasive because it implies such a joyous life without harships. 7. The nymph rebuts the shepherd in every line, noting the material values of the shepherd and the transience of what he promises in his love. The nymph would rather have just youth and pure love if they were to marry rather than so many superfluous gifts and décor....
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heathguide6 - clothing he will make In fact there is so...

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