heathguide7 - the speaker is not clear on this himself. He...

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Mozarmi 1 Sean Mozarmi Mrs. Zwick AP English Literature 23 February 2011 Heath Guide P.610-612 Lawrence + Whitman 1. “Thin grey strand” is literally the cigarette smoke, but clearly depicts the mother’s hair. “Floating” can also denote either smoke or hair. 2. The hairs on his coat make him feel guilty about his mother. They represent painful memories of the tragic time during his mother’s illness. When the cigarette smoke wafts through the air, he is reminded of his dying mother and the close relation between her gray hairs and the smoke. 3. The chimney represents the afterlife. It is dark because it is uncertain what lays there. His mother was sent there, and so is the smoke. 4. The poem gives not direct logical explanation of why the smoke troubles the speaker. Perhaps
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Unformatted text preview: the speaker is not clear on this himself. He remembers tragic times from the smoke symbol, so this troubles his conscience. 1. The tree symbolizes Whitman because the appearance of the oak (rude, unbending, lusty) is similar to his. It does not symbolize him because it is able to prosper in solitude, while Whitman requires company to prosper. 2. It makes him think of this because the tree does not have the manly love Whitman possesses. The tree prospers and lives on its own, while Whitman finds this solitude impossible and must have friends to support him. 3. Whitman breaks off a twig to remind him of all of his friends. 4. I collect things in my travels. I keep them as symbols of my adventures and experiences whence they came from....
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heathguide7 - the speaker is not clear on this himself. He...

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