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Revolutionary War Events file:///Users/gregfeldmeth/Desktop/chart.rev.html 1 of 3 6/25/04 3:33 PM Key Events in the Revolutionary War British surrender at Yorktown by John Trumbull (Yale Art Gallery) Event Date Location Significance Lexington-Concord April 1775 Massachusetts First armed conflict. British destroy supplies at Concord but suffer numerous casualties on way back to Boston. Propaganda victory for U.S. Casualties: U.S.:95. British: 273. Ft. Ticonderoga May 1775 Lake Champlain Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold captured fort and 60 cannon later dragged 300 miles and used in defense of Boston Breed's Hill (Bunker Hill) June 1775 Boston British succeed but suffer huge losses (1000 casualties) 1/6 of all British officers killed in war die here. Americans lose 400 dead and wounded. Only battle in long siege of Boston. Invasion of Quebec Winter 1775-76 Maine/Canada Gens. Arnold and Montgomery attack Quebec prematurely and fail in invasion attempt of Canada Dorchester Heights March 1776 Boston British forced to evacuate New England after cannon put in place.
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chart.rev - Revolutionary War Events

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