col.laws - etc 1767 Colonial assemblies limited in size...

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Colonial Restraints file:///Users/gregfeldmeth/Desktop/col.laws.html 1 of 2 6/24/04 2:20 PM New Restrictive British Policies, 1759-1774 Year Legislative Restraints Restraints on Expansion Restraints on Trade New Taxes 1759 Virginia legislature restricted by crown from enacting timely legislation 1762 Writs of assistance (blanket search warrants) 1763 Proclamation Line keeps settlers hemmed in Enforcement of Navigation Acts increased by navy and customs officials 1764 Currency Act prevented colonial legislatures from issuing paper currency Sugar Acts strengthened by Admiralty Courts Sugar Act--revenue-producing tax 1765 Quartering Act required colonists to pay to house British soldiers. Stamp Act sets internal taxes on legal documents, newspapers,
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Unformatted text preview: etc. 1767 Colonial assemblies limited in size Townshend Duties strengthen Admiralty Courts Townshend Duties imposed on imported goods to pay colonial officials 1773 Tea Act reduces duty but leads to Boston Tea Party 1774 (Intolerable Acts) Town meetings limited, Massachusetts charter violated Quebec Act enlarges Quebec, reducing Boston Port Act closes harbor until tea is paid for New Quartering Act broadly expands British Army's right to quarter troops in homes, Colonial Restraints file:///Users/gregfeldmeth/Desktop/col.laws.html 2 of 2 6/24/04 2:20 PM claims of Ohio River Valley colonists buildings Main Source: The American Journey by David Goldfield (Prentice-Hall, 1998)...
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col.laws - etc 1767 Colonial assemblies limited in size...

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