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American Colonies file:///Users/gregfeldmeth/Desktop/colchart.html 1 of 3 6/22/04 3:34 PM American Colonies Colony Founded Region Founder Religion Government Original Purpose Economics Note Roanoke 1585 Southern Sir Walter Raleigh Establish English colony in New World Colonists disappeared without a trace. Virginia 1607 Southern John Smith Anglican Royal Trade and profits Tobacco Founded as joint-stock company. House of Burgesses (1619). Only 60 of 1st 900 colonists survived. Plymouth 1620 New England William Bradford Puritan Corporate Religious freedom for Separatists Mixed farmiing Mayflower Compact. Led by William Bradford New York 1626 Middle Peter Minuit None Proprietary, then royal Trade and profits Mixed farming, furs Set up as Dutch colony, taken over by English in 1664 Massachusetts Bay 1630 New England John Winthrop Puritan Corporate Religious freedom for Puritans Mixed farming, fishing, shipbuilding Led by John Winthrop. 18,000 settlers
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colchart - American Colonies...

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