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16 th th Century European Colonizing Efforts European Nation Geographical Range of Colonies Emphasis/Focus of Colonies Of Special Note Spain Widest range of colonization, from the tip of South America to the current American southwest and throughout the Caribbean Sea. Early attempts at discovering rich Indian cities diminished by 1560 as Spanish sought to defend their colonies and pacify tribes through Franciscan missionary efforts. First established colonies by Columbus who brought slavery to the New World by sending Indians to Europe and importing Africans to work in Spanish settlements. Portugal Brazil Vast world empire taken over by Spain’s King Philip II in 1580. Relying more on agriculture than gold-mining, Portuguese colonial leaders often returned home within 10 years. Earliest explorers of the 15 th century were Portuguese, but Portugal was the least influential European nation in the New World The Netherlands New York, Delaware, Caribbean islands, Dutch Guiana in South
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