lec.col1 - Colonial Beginnings John Winthrop, Puritan...

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Colonial Beginnings John Winthrop, Puritan leader of Massachusetts Bay Colony I. European Models for Colonizing America A. Spain--colonization with conversion 1. Earliest colonies in America (St. Augustine 1565, Santa Fe 1610), though most outposts were destroyed by Indian attacks 2. Spain turned to Franciscan missionaries to control Indians, placing land grants in the hands of encomenderos . Spanish rule was cruel, used slavery, and was limited, except for New Mexico. California was virtually ignored until the late 1700s. 3. By 1560, the main goal of Spanish colonial policy was keeping other Europeans from establishing colonies. B. France--fur-trading empire 1. Indian wars developed as tribes fought for the French fur trade. 2. French missionaries did not enslave Indians and attempted to limit trading of alcohol 3. Though few in number, French settlers brought diseases that wiped out up to 90% of the Indians in the Great Lakes region. C. Netherlands--commerce and farming 1. Colonization was slow and small-scale, with only one proprietor (Rensselaer) able to attract 50 tenants 2. Rejecting representative rule, the Dutch lost the settlement of New Amsterdam (New York) to the British in 1664 D. The English model--tobacco and settlers 1. Causes for English Colonizing in North America
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lec.col1 - Colonial Beginnings John Winthrop, Puritan...

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