lec.ga - America's Great Awakening

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America's Great Awakening file:///Users/gregfeldmeth/Desktop/lec.ga.html 1 of 2 6/24/04 10:13 AM America's Great Awakening George Whitefield, early America's greatest preacher I. Elements of the Great Awakening A. Enthusiasm--emotional manifestations(weeping, fainting, physical movements) in contrast to staid and formal Anglican and Congregational worship. Whitefield would preach to crowds as large as 30,000 with great emotion. B. Itinerancy--preachers roamed rural and urban areas and held meetings C. Democratic religious movement 1) insisted that all should have the religious experience 2) Stirred impulse towards independence among colonists 3) Broke down strong denominational ties 4) Challenged religious authority. Baptists in the South preached to slaves and against the ostentatious wealth of the planter class II. Content of Message A. Salvation came through faith and prayer, not rituals or good works B. The individual, not any religious authority, judged his or her own behavior based
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lec.ga - America's Great Awakening

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