US History, 1800 - 1877 (1)

US History, 1800 - 1877 (1) - 1800 Convention of 1800 peace...

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1800 Convention of 1800: peace with France Jefferson defeats Adams for the presidency 1801-1805 President Thomas Jefferson (first term) Republican concepts Attempts to remove Federalist judges Louisiana Purchase Marbury v. Madison War against Tripoli Burr-Hamilton feud, duel Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804-5 Ohio #17 1805-1813 President Thomas Jefferson (second term) US trade with Europe disrupted Burr conspiracy, trial for treason Impressment of US seamen; Chesapeake incident 1807 1807 Embargo Act 1808 African slave trade outlawed 1809-1813 President James Madison (first term) 1809 Non-intercourse Act 1810 Macon’s Bill #2 1811 Tecumseh, Harrison; Tippecanoe 1811 First B.U.S. expires 1812 Start of War of 1812 1813-1817 President James Madison (second term) War of 1812 Burning of Washington D.C. 1814 Hartford Convention Treaty of Ghent Battle of New Orleans 1816 Protective Tariff 1816 Second B.U.S. President James Monroe (first term) Era of good feelings Demise of the Federalists John Marshall’s influence 1819 McCulloch v. Maryland 1819 Transcontinental Treaty (Adams-Onis) 1819 Economic panic Tallmadge Amendment proposed 1820 Missouri Compromise, Henry Clay
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1821-1825 President James Monroe (second term) Nationalism; sectional trichotomy Industrial revolution accelerates New Nations in Latin America; Mexico 1821 1823 Monroe Doctrine 1824 Gibbons v. Ogden 1825-1829 President John Quincy Adams Rumors of “corrupt bargain” Adam’s enemies block his programs 1826 death of T. Jefferson and John Adams
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US History, 1800 - 1877 (1) - 1800 Convention of 1800 peace...

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