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Colonial Slavery file:///Users/gregfeldmeth/Desktop/slave.html 1 of 3 6/22/04 11:57 AM Slavery in the American Colonies The Old Plantation Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center, Williamsburg, Virginia I. Slavery's Early Presence A. First African-Americans that arrived in Jamestown in 1619 were brought as servants, not slaves. B. Very small numbers of slaves in the Southern colonies in the early years. Indentured servants were cheaper and avaiable. By 1650, only 300 blacks lived in Virginia 1. After 1660, white servants became harder to obtain as English economy improved. 2. Slaves became seen as a better long-term investment and were more easily recaptured. C. Slavery formally established by the House of Burgesses in 1670 with law declaring "all servants not being Christians imported into this colony by shipping shall be slaves for their lives." D. By 1700 there were 25,000 slaves in the American colonies and by 1750 there were 100,000 slaves in Virginia, far outnumbering indentured servants. 1. Breaking of the Royal African Co. monopoly in 1697 opened
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slave - Colonial Slavery...

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