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assignmentch4 - Wireless Communications(Fall 2010 Iran...

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Wireless Communications (Fall 2010) Iran University of Science and Technology Instructor: Dr. B.Abolhassani Homework- chapter4 Due Data: Monday,17 Aban 1389 1. Find the median path loss under the Hata model assuming f c = 900 MHz, ht = 20m, hr = 5 m and d = 100m for a large urban city, a small urban city, a suburb, and a rural area. Explain qualitatively the path loss differences for these 4 environments. 2. Using the indoor attentuation model, determine the required transmit power for a desired received power of -110 dBm for a signal transmitted over 100 m that goes through 3 floors with attenuation 15 dB, 10 dB, and 6 dB, respectively, as well as 2 double plasterboard walls. Assume a reference distance d 0 = 1 and constant K = 0 dB. 3. The following table lists a set of empirical path loss measurements. Distance from Transmitter Pr/Pt (a) Find the parameters of a simplified path loss model plus log normal shadowing that best fit this data. (b) Find the path loss at 2 Km based on this model.
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