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Wireless Communications (Fall 2010) Iran University of Science and Technology Instructor: Dr. B.Abolhassani Quiz 1 1- Assume each user of a single base station mobile radio system averages three calls per hour, each call lasting an average of two minutes. a. What is traffic intensity for each user? b. Find the number of users that could use the system with 2% blocking if only one channel is available. c. Find the number of users that could use the system with 1% blocking if ten trunked channels are available. d. If the number of users you found in (c) is suddenly doubled, what is the new blocking probability of the five channel trunked mobile radio system? Would this be acceptable performance? Explain. 2- Consider a cellular system with circular cells with radius equal to 100 meters. Assume propagation follows the simpliFed path loss model with K =1, d0=1m,and n = 3. Assume the signal experiences log-normal shadowing on top
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Unformatted text preview: of path loss with σ[dB] = 4 as well as Rayleigh fading. The transmit power at the base station is P t = 100mW, the system bandwidth is B = 30 KHz, and the noise PSD is N0 =10 −14 W/Hz. Assuming BPSK modulation, we want to Fnd the cell coverage area (percentage of locations in the cell) where users have average P b less than 10 −4 . a. Find the received power due to path loss at the cell boundary. b. Find the minimum average received power (due to path loss and shadowing) such that with Rayleigh fading about this average, a BPSK modulated signal with this average received power at a given cell location has P b < 10 −4 . c. Given the propagation model for this system (simpliFed path loss, shadowing, and Rayleigh fading), Fnd the percentage of locations in the cell where under BPSK modulation, P b < 10 −4 . E.Mahmoodi...
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