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What is Hotel Industry all about ? With tourism industry showing excellent performance, in terms of foreign tourists arrival and demand outpacing supply,the hospitality industry, is poised to grow at a faster rate and reach INR826.76 billion by 2010. It is estimated that over the next two years 70,000- 80,000 rooms will be added across different categories throughout the country. The focus of the Industry is on the “Atithi Devo Bhava” campaign targeted at the many inbound foreign tourist on the country.Translated this literally means Guest Is GOD. Hotels in India are broadly classified into 7 categories (five star deluxe,five star,four star,three star,two star,one star and heritage hotels). The ratings are reviewed every five years. The market for the Hotel Industry can be divided into the following Consumer Segments based on the Visits : 1) Business Traveller - For Corporate meetings 2) Leisure Traveller - For Tourism as on holidays 3) Cabin Crew – For the Hotel Executives The Hotel Industry has following major Players 1) Hotel Chains – It includes Hotel Taj,EIH Limited, ITC Limited and many more. 2) Small Chains – Due to lack of prior experience these players prefer to opt for the management/supervisor as their customers. Hotel Leela Ventures , Bharat Hotel are the examples of this. 3) Public Centre Chains – ITDC and HCI boast some of the best locations in the major cities but are relative under performers as compared to the others. 4) International Hotel Chains – These Chains are establishing themselves in the Indian Market which includes Marriot,Stanford and others. 5) Localised Hotel Chains
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Why do we have CRM in Hotel Industry ? In the hotel industry, customer relationship management (CRM) becomes a strategic imperative for attracting and guests. The hotel industry is facing an increasingly competitive market which signifies the greater need for the hotels to differentiate their customers. Since the hotels can collect and integrate a significant amount of their guests’ information, CRM is viewed as an opportunity for the hotels to use the information about their customers to
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Combined CRM - What is Hotel Industry all about With...

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