Week 7 Test 3

Week 7 Test 3 - 1. Explain GEM with examples. a. GEM or...

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1. Explain GEM with examples. a. GEM or Gender Empowerment Measure is an index comparing women’s income, share of professional, technical, managerial and administrative jobs, and share of parliamentary seats, relative to men. It is a widely used measure of women’s influence and power in society. In the most extreme income differential, Saudi women earn only about one-sixth (16 percent) as much as men do. 2. What are the differences in the role of women in economy between urban and rural areas? a. Women in most developing regions tend to have fewer educational opportunities than men; their subsequent occupational opportunities are more limited as well. Women produce between 60 and 80 percent of the food in most developing countries. When women were moved to the cities, most women were left behind. Once in the city most women were only able to secure very low-end jobs. 3. Explains the limits of agrarian reforms with example. a.
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