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Week 8 Writing Assignment

Week 8 Writing Assignment - WEBSITES/DISCUSSIONSPAPER Week...

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WEBSITES/DISCUSSIONS PAPER Week 8 Assignment YOU WILL NEED TO GO BACK TO WEEK 7 to submit your paper in the dropbox. I call this paper the websites/discussions paper. This paper is to help provide new resources for upcoming students. Lots of times, it helps me for you to do the research and it helps you, too. It definitely helps the students for the next SOC300. Thank you. Part 1: Please list five websites of interest to this course. Give me the full url of the website, the details of the website, and what we might learn from the website that would illuminate us? It would be especially helpful if you tell me where I might want to use the resource if I add it to the course (what chapter?). Part 2: Write five discussion questions that would be helpful in the course. As with the websites, where might we put these ideas (what chapter?). It’s a very simple paper. You could list them in one of two formats (or others if you think of them).
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