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Week 2 Discussion - Hinduism and Women Please respond to the following Explain the general roles of goddesses in Hinduism o Identify one of the

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“Hinduism and Women.” Please respond to the following: Explain the general roles of goddesses in Hinduism. o Women of Hinduism are “thought to make good earthly life”. By that saying, women are thought to bring order in society, marital wealth (by bearing sons), and by the sensual pleasure to stimulate the male to make him more of a spiritualizing life force. Identify one of the goddesses that particularly intrigue you and explain her role within Hinduism. o Maya as intrigued me the most. Maya, which stands for illusion, is believed to be the overall goddess of illusions and is able to create the difference between “me and mine”. I feel May is more recognized in the present world today. I still however do not know a lot about Maya and how Maya is played into Hinduism. Based on what you have read about how women are regarded within Hinduism, provide at least one reason based on Hindu beliefs that explains women’s status.
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