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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 STRANGE NEW WORLD Power and Systems...

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1 Chapter 1 STRANGE NEW WORLD Power and Systems in Transformation IR depends a lot on power , the ability of one state to get another to do its bidding. An IR system is the way power is distributed. Now in the midst of system change, we cannot know what will emerge. In a system, you can't change just one component, for all the others also change. Students should not reify the four "systems" we discern in the 20th century: 1. The pre-World War I balance - of - power system of the European empires which divided a rather stable world. Stability was upset by two new dissatisfied players, Germany following its 1871 unification, and Japan following its 1868 Meiji Restoration. Bismarck unwittingly changed the system until, by the eve of World War I, it was no longer in operation. 2. The unstable interwar system in which the winners, Britain, France, and the U.S., refused to play balance of power and stand up to the dissatisfied expansionist powers. The system might be called an anti-balance-of-power system and was inherently short-lived. World War II finished off the old European powers, and they relinquished their empires. 3. The bipolar Cold War system saw the world divided into two camps. Bipolarity was a dangerous zero-sum game but proved to be rather stable. Conservatives in both camps still like the Cold War for letting them know where they stood. The bipolar system got looser and looser, though. The frantic arms race drained both superpowers and Third-World nationalism eventually burned them both. The camps split; especially serious was the Sino-Soviet split. And the rapid economic growth of the Pacific Rim countries
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 STRANGE NEW WORLD Power and Systems...

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