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Personal Website Evaluated: http://www.raphkoster.com/ 1. What is the site’s overall purpose or message? a. I believe it’s more of a personal blog for this guy named Raph Koster. 2. Who is the site’s target audience? a. I believe the intended audience is more along the lines of people that may know him or follow is adventures. Possibly family members or close friends would be the obvious choices. 3. How well do the site’s design elements and content elements support the site’s message? a. The site is very busy. I believe it is a little too busy to get the point across. 4. Are the design concepts of balance, proximity, alignment, and focus evident in the site’s design? If yes Where? If no, what changes would you suggest to incorporate these design concepts? a. The site is definitely aligned, but it is utilizing way too much of the “open space”. I know it’s not good to leave a lot of open space on your page, but it’s also not a best practice to fill every bit of space you can find. 5. Does the home page adequately provide answers to visitors? Who? What? And Where? Question? If yes, How? If no, what suggestions can you make for design and content that
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Turnmeyer_Barry_Lab1 - Personal Website Evaluated:...

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