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Chapter 11 Quiz 1. A linear function exhibits all but one of the following properties. Which one is not a linear function property? a. Additivity b. Proportionality c. Divisibility d. Multiplicity 2. The _________________ calls for minimizing an objective (usually cost) subject to greater than constraints on required coverage. a. Allocation models b. Covering models c. Blending models d. Network models 3. In linear programming models, one form of insight comes from seeing a qualitative pattern in the solution. Which of the following a. When we know the pattern, the pattern provides a level of understanding that enhances decision making. b. When we know the pattern, we can explain the solution more convincingly than when simply reading the Solver results. c. When we know a pattern, we can anticipate some of the answers to “what-if” questions without having to modify the worksheet. d. All of the above 4. ____________ is a linear programming application aimed at evaluating the efficiencies of similar
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