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Week 6 Quiz CH 7

Week 6 Quiz CH 7 - a Regular error b Reoccurring error c...

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Chapter 7 Quiz 1. A database is a table of information, with each row corresponding to a ________ in the database (Multiple Choice). a. List b. Field c. Record d. None of these 2. One of the flexible aspects of the Find and Replace command is the use of the symbols “?” and “*” to assist in these operations. What does the symbol “*” stand for (Multiple Choice)? 3. A set of all possible values for a parameter is called the _______ (Multiple Choice). 4. Pivot Tables allow us to view summaries of the data in convenient tables, most often in formats known as ___________ (Multiple Choice). 5. The term ____________ is used to refer to the standard deviation of some function being used to provide an estimate (Multiple Choice). a. Regular error
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Unformatted text preview: a. Regular error b. Reoccurring error c. Standard error d. Random error 6. Parameters can be estimated in two ways: with point estimates and with interval estimates ( True/False). 7. Statistical data can be used in two ways – inferential and descriptive. Inferential statistics summarize information in the sample; while descriptive statistics use the information in the sample to make inference about the population and thereby become the basis for estimating model parameters (True/ False). 8. Convenience sampling refers to a situation where all values in the population have an equal chance of appearing in the sample (True/ False). 9. The Filtering capabilities in Excel allow a user to probe a large database and extract a portion of it that deals with the specific records in which the user is interested ( True/False). 10. The Sort command can be used not only for database sorting but also for sorting any contiguous set of rows and columns on a spreadsheet ( True/False)....
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