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Week 2 Quiz CH 2

Week 2 Quiz CH 2 - Chapter 2 Quiz 1 Modelers can play...

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Chapter 2 Quiz 1. Modelers can play different roles in the problem-solving process. When the entire team consists of one person, then the role as problem owner (or client) and the modeler is one and the same. This role is called _____________ (Multiple Choice). a. End user modeler b. Team member c. Independent consultant d. None of these 2. At which stage of the Problem-Solving Process does “generating many different potential problem statements” occur during the Divergent Phase and “choosing a working problem statement” occurs during the Convergent Phase. a. Exploring the mess b. Identifying a problem c. Searching solutions d. Implementing a solution 3. It is helpful to classify craft skills into useful rules of thumb, or modeling heuristics. Which of the following is the most important heuristic in all modeling (Multiple Choice)? a. Simplification b. Prototyping c. Converging d. None of these
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