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Exercise - divide the sales in half and discuss the changes...

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CHAPTER 1: SPREADSHEET BASICS Exercise 1. Excel handles dates as fixed numbers. It also offers many different formats for dates and times. 1.a. Show the date for 7/7/2007 in at least five different formats. 1.b. Create a format in cell A7 that shows the date as Saturday 7 July 2007 using the Custom Category in the Format Cells choice on the Number tab. 1.c. Calculate the number of days between 6/6/2006 and 7/7/2007 using subtraction. Is there a function that you can use for this as well? Be sure to format the cell containing the difference formula as a general number. 2. Using the Microsoft Corporation Profitability Analysis example from Chapter 1 in the text,
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Unformatted text preview: divide the sales in half and discuss the changes in the growth figures. The easiest way to do this is to use the Paste Special selection as follows: 3. Create a spreadsheet for your personal monthly budget. Include your income (or allowance) and expenses such as food, entertainment, clothing, loan payments, etc. Calculate the amount you spend on each expense item as a percentage of your income. Create an imbedded and freestanding pie chart of these percentages. 1...
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