Exercise_6 - rate of return is 15 3 DD Company paid...

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Exercise 6 1. BB Company has the outstanding preferred stock for 20 million shares. The  PAR value is $40. BB Company promises to pay dividend at 8%. Find the value  of preferred stock for BB Company if required return is 8%? 2. The estimated EBIT for CC company is as follow Year EBIT ($) 2006 300,000 2007 400,000 2008 500,000 2009 600,000 2010 700,000   The interest expense is estimated to be $100,000 per year. The outstanding  number of preferred stock is 10,000 shares and common stock is 20,000 shares.  The Dividend for preferred stock is $1 per share. Corporate tax rate is 30%.  Dividend payout ratio is 40%. After five years, the growth rate is estimated to be constant at 5%. The required 
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Unformatted text preview: rate of return is 15%. 3. DD Company paid dividend for common stock at $1 last year. The growth rate for this company is estimated to be constant at 20% for next six years. The required rate of return is 15%. Find the value of common stock if the growth rate after six years will drop instantly to 5% and will be constant perpetually. 4. The average daily return on market and daily return for stock p is as the following table. The risk-free rate is 4% Market Return Stock p return 0.030% 0.051% 0.055% 0.088% 0.120% 0.231% 0.001% 0.004% 0.009% 0.012% a. Find the average market return b. Find beta for stock p c. Find the required return on stock p...
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Exercise_6 - rate of return is 15 3 DD Company paid...

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