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Unformatted text preview: Simulation Instruction ml HOW TO RUN !?! user 1 2 Station 1 Menu Material Menu Station 2 Menu Station 3 Menu Order Menu Station 1 Queue Completed Job Menu Station 2 Queue Station 3 Queue 3 Orders Menu Orders Menu 4 Material Menu Material Menu 5 Download Data for Analysis • • This Click will save data you download from the web page As a text file, you can then open using Microsoft Excel. 6 Station 1 Menu Station 1 Menu 7 Station 1 Queue Menu Station 1 Queue Menu 8 Station 2 Menu Station 2 Menu 9 Completed Jobs Menu Completed Jobs Menu 10 10 Overall Team Standing Report overall performance of all teams in the simulation by ranking in term of CASH each team had made at the current stage 11 11 Transaction History Report the decision that Report made by each team as a sequence of date. This information is confidential. This You can’t see this information You for the other teams. for 12 12 Sources and Uses of Cash 1,000,000 10,000 0 200,000 500,000 Report the current status of CASH That used by the Company which have That Only 2 categories for class simulation Only (Exclude of Debt) The Sources of Cash are revenue From selling the kits and interest from Cash balance. Starting cash of each team is $1Million 13 13 14 14 ...
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