1-3-16 chart from Franz Li

1-3-16 chart from Franz Li - exercise at the same time...

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1.3.16 Cost Benefit Analysis Chart – Application 11 - Choices Benefits Costs Net Benefit 1. bike 1. save time 2. get more time to rest 3. exercise $ 300 300 100 1. maintain 2. risk injure 3. may get steal by someone $ 50 100 200 $ +350 2 . Xbox 360 1. reduce pressure 2. have fun 3. get chance to make new friend 4. fill my spare time 200 200 300 200 1. Xbox and game cost 2. my grade may decrease 3. may get penalty by my parents 700 800 500 $ - 1100 Decision: 1. For the first one, I have a bike, I can save my time to go to school, and can get
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Unformatted text preview: exercise at the same time, which have a big benefit on me. And I believe the net benefit will increase every year. 2. For the second one, Xbox, even though it can entertain me a lot, I may fascinate it, which decrease my grade. Therefore I won’t buy it, I may play some sports game to fill my spare and make new friend instead of playing Xbox...
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