stakeholder analysis - its stakeholders. This means that a...

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What is stakeholder? A stakeholder was originally that a person who holds money or other property  while its owner is being determined. In my opinion, in business area, I think  stakeholder means that any party, group, or even an individual that has a  direct interest in actions and its outcome, it’s sort of like shareholder, investor.  Stakeholder analysis Usually, people make a stakeholder analysis in the early times of planning a  project. Therefore A stakeholder analysis is one kind of methods that people  can use it to recognize and estimate the importance of key people, or any  groups, and then evaluate that which can offer more important influence on  your project and can led it to success. In normal condition, people can use this  technique alone or with your team members. Defend stakeholder concept The stakeholder concept states that a company's responsibilities are to all of 
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Unformatted text preview: its stakeholders. This means that a business has to fulfill the needs and wants of many different people ranging from the local population and customers to their own employees and owners. While this has an increased cost, many firms are now switching to this concept because it is perceived that the concept improves the image of a firm and makes them less likely to be targeted by pressure groups. Stakeholders are key to successful Project Delivery in the modern organisation. Both Stakeholder Analysis and Stakeholder Management are vital tools and should be used iteratively throughout a project to keep everyone on the same page. Be aware that different approaches are appropriate for different Stakeholder types. You can't keep all the people happy all the time. Check out my guide for more hints, tips and tools....
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stakeholder analysis - its stakeholders. This means that a...

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