car - according to a survey on one magazine report there...

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Vehicles and the Environment When/if you are about to purchase a vehicle, what environmental considerations would you take into account or would you? Why or why not? The air pollution must be the first and foremost one, whatever you buy a Honda Civic or BMW, your car must release emission, and the car emission is the key of air pollution and the killer of ozone layer, but some people may think the pollution is not their business, or others think they cannot do anything about it. The sound pollution is also a matter, ask those who live beside a highway or a avenue, I believe they must abhor the noisy come from a vehicle and its loudspeaker,
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Unformatted text preview: according to a survey on one magazine report, there are over 18% people get insomnia and over 9% people get hypoacusis by a vehicle in USA. Finally, it’s clearly to see how our environment and living condition getting worse by buying a vehicle, people really need to enhance their consciousness of environmental and hopefully scientists can invent a car which can run on electricity solar power with a “duster” , accordingly, the pollution by car will disappear completely in the future....
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