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lung - research and health training so the organization...

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1) How does the organization contribute to the economy? The organization I am going to talk about is the Lung Association. Lung Association is a non-profit and volunteer-based health charity. The mission of the Canadian Lung Association is to lead Canada and even the worldwide lung health, prevent lung disease, help and educate people manage lung disease. Nowadays, the lung disease is becoming a serious topic throughout the world, the mainly reason is because many people get lung disease especially the emphysema, the reason is because the smoking, the air pollution and the environmental problem, but the most important reason is because people is lack of a consciousness of lung diseases and lack of effective protection. Like still many people don’t know the harm of smoking. 2) What needs does the organization have? Consider the Lung Association is a non-profit and volunteer-based health charity, and their goal is to help people, teach people, and doing medical
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Unformatted text preview: research and health training, so the organization needs enough funds to run, the most popular way to get extra funds should be through donation by an individual or an organization. The Lung Association can use these funds to do more research, provide more materials, programs and information. In addition, besides fund, Lung Association also needs volunteers, The Lung Association relies on the passion, and hard work of volunteers to help to achieve their mission: to improve lung health. They need people who can propagandize, and also need people help them to educate patients. And lastly, as a non-profit organization, the Lung Association won’t take any money or some extra stuffs when they help an individual or a group, whatever they educate a people, help someone to quit smoking or work with another group. For example, the Lung Association works with two groups to improve lung health in Canada:...
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