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Franz Li_Canada's Rank - kWh(ranked 3rd in 2006 and the...

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Canada's Rank - Franz Li 324-637-149 China Canada’s Rank Top/Lowest Ranking Countries 1. Tertiary Education 1 Canada/ Italy: 2. Energy Resources On tops of the list because Canada has very large sand oil /natural gas reserves in Alberta and other provinces. Middle Eastern oil producing countries (Saudi Arabia) may rank at the top, and countries that are small and lack resources such as Nauru will rank at the bottom. 3. Fresh Water Resources 3 Brazil/Botswana 4. Exports to the U.S. 1 Canada/ Libya (and some other countries) 5. GDP per Capita 15 Luxembourg/ Burundi 6. Military Expenditures $ Figure: 17 % GDP: 133 $ Figure: United States/Iceland % GDP: Korea, North/Cuba 7. Land Size 2 Russia/ Bassas da India 8. Population 38 China/Bassas da India 9. External Debt 13 Italy/Cyprus (and some other countries) 10. Other Interesting Fact 1. We always criticize the Americans for the enormous amount of energy they used. However, the electricity consumption per person for Canadians is 15,737.668
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Unformatted text preview: kWh (ranked 3rd) in 2006, and the same data for the U.S. is only 12, 250.196 kWh per capita (ranked 9th). 2. There are TOO MANY McDonalds! Canada only has a population of about 30 million, yet we have 1,154 McDonald’s restaurants which made us number 3 in the world. There is about 0.352 McDonalds for every 10,000 Iceland/Cambodia United States/Brunei Canadians, compare to only 0.002 per 10,000 populations in China. 3. We do produce a lot of cars, but not as many as we imagined. In 2002, Canada produced 1,369,000 cars and ranked in the 10th place. Brazil was 1 place ahead of Canada with Italy in the 11th spot. 4. We only have 17,100,000 English speakers, USA has 280,000,000, Indian has 100,000,000, UK has 55,000,000, and we ranked NO.4 of the world!! Japan/Libya USA/ Belize, Kenya Tanzania Nigeria Rwanda Ghana Niue...
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Franz Li_Canada's Rank - kWh(ranked 3rd in 2006 and the...

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