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Study Guide Final Exam-2007 - to complete it Final Exam –...

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Study Guide for the BBB4M Final Exam Most of the final exam is multiple choice, fill in the blanks, word match, T/F, and very short answer. You will need to study the following for the exam: o All the glossary terms,/definitions and examples o The names, acronyms and members of the international organizations Pay special attention to: o International organizations, especially their full names and memberships o Facts about Canada, NAFTA and the Auto Pact o Comparative, competitive and absolute advantage o Sustainable development (you did not submit this assignment, but you were expected
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Unformatted text preview: to complete it) Final Exam – 30% of Your Final Mark The final exam is a good indicator of how much a student has learned in the course. It is not an “easy” exam; you will need to study. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam, but if you have read the course web site and completed all your assignments, you should finish within an hour. There are no essay questions. Best of luck, Ms Atherton...
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