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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Title,Canadian Imports,,, Products,Top 25 Products (HS6 Codes),,, Origin,Jamaica,,, Destination,CANADA,,, Period,Year to Date - Current Year vs. Previous Year,,, Currency,Canadian Dollars,,, ,,Jan-06,Jan-07,% Change 2007/2006 281820,281820 - ALUMINIUM OXIDES (OTHER THAN ARTIFICIAL CORUNDUM),28924276,25106175,-13.2 220840,220840 - RUM AND TAFIA,491387,1166243,137.34 220870,220870 - LIQUEURS AND CORDIALS,5993,265820,4335.51 200899,"200899 - FRUITS AND OTHER EDIBLE PARTS OF PLANTS NES - PREPARED WHETHER OR NOT SUGARED, SWEETENED OR SPIRITED",2208,212618,9529.44 71420,"071420 - SWEET POTATOES - FRESH, CHILLED, FROZEN OR DRIED",204697,185184,-9.53 220300,220300 - BEER MADE FROM MALT,285000,154678,-45.73 71490,"071490 - ARROWROOT, SALEP AND SIMILAR ROOTS OR TUBERS, SAGO PITH - FRESH, CHILLED, FROZEN OR DRIED",37293,151980,307.53 80720,080720 - PAPAWS (PAPAYAS) - FRESH,24027,43919,82.79 610821,610821 - WOMENS/GIRLS BRIEFS AND PANTIES - KNITTED - COTTON,69590,42923,-38.32 190590,"190590 - BAKERS' WARE, COMMUNION WAFERS, EMPTY CACHETS FOR PHARMACEUTICAL USE AND SIMILAR PRODUCTS",33346,40144,20.39190590,"190590 - BAKERS' WARE, COMMUNION WAFERS, EMPTY CACHETS FOR PHARMACEUTICAL USE AND SIMILAR PRODUCTS",33346,40144,20....
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