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Career Choice Yingyi Li 309502201 Jamaica 1. Career Choice: Find a career that suits your interests. Describe the type of education, skill and experience required for this career; My interested career is a radiation therapist. In order to become one, I must complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Radiation Science. Not many universities in Ontario offer this program. The admission for this program requires grade 12 English, Calculus, Biology & Chemistry. The average admission mark for this program is in the mid 80s for McMaster University. Applicants will need to one year of undergraduate studies in university before choosing their career interest in Medical Radiation Science. There are mainly three choices: Radiation Ttherapist for cancer treatment, Ultrasound Sonographer, & X-ray Technologist. Within the 4 years of undergraduate studies, the university will provide clinical experiences. University level Psychology will be learned along with Physiology, Radiation Science, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & electives. The ARRT or the CMRTO exam will be conducted in order to be certified (many U.S states do not require this). Other than academic excellences, interpersonal skills are very important too because you will need to communicate well with the (cancer) patients & their relatives.
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1. Study: Find an oversea study position that is related to your career choice. Give specific information about the course, location, cost and contact information. Do not give links,
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Career Choice - Career Choice Yingyi Li 309502201 Jamaica...

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