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Globalization-Download 3 - G L O B A L I Z A T I O N...

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Unformatted text preview: G L O B A L I Z A T I O N Reading and Research Assignment Use the form below to organize your research on Globalization and then post to the Globalization Conference in Unit #1. Before – What did you know about Globalization before reading? From school, newspapers, books, and media, I learned a lot of information about Globalization before reading Lesson 4. I knew that Globalization refers to the process of the fast interaction between countries around the world, which bought tremendous amount of cultural diffusion. For example, large multinational corporations such as Microsoft and Toyota own a lot of properties all over the world; Coca Cola, Pepsi and Nike have all became world known symbols. Sushi, Tofu became well known across the Western Hemisphere (also in other languages), and many people started to learn English as the most used international language. All of these are signs of globalization. With technologies such as internet, TV broadcasting and airplanes, our world is becoming increasingly “smaller” (global village), and...
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Globalization-Download 3 - G L O B A L I Z A T I O N...

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