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Yingyi Li NAFTA Canada’s Trade IBP Country, Jamaica NAFTA came into effect on Jan.1, 1994. As one of the biggest free trade zone, NAFTA is still very controversial today. It is true that NAFTA has brought Canadians with the “U.S. advantage” and huge amount of investment, but the disadvantages that came along are also very serious problems. Some people described NAFTA as a two sided coin while others described it as a two sided sword. No matter which analogies are being used, we can all see that in a big picture, NAFTA has brought the whole area of North America with prosperity within the last decade. In the trade between Canada and the U.S, about 85% is in Automotive parts and vehicles and nearly all of this is between Ontario and Michigan. The impact brought along is tremendous. Economically, the Great Lake industrial zone is one of the biggest industrial zone in the world. With the American investment of auto plants and accessory plants, many Canadians are able to find better jobs and the contribution these plants made to the entire Canadian society is enormous. It is evident that between 1989 and 2000 Canadian agricultural exports to the US grew by 275%
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