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Sheet1 Page 1 Title,Canadian Total Exports,,, Products,Top 25 Products (HS6 Codes),,, Note,"This report excludes HS codes (in Chapters 98 and 99) used to record 'Special transactions trade'. These deal mainly with low valued transactions, value of repairs to equipment, and goods returned to the country of origin.",,, Origin,CANADA,,, Destination,Jamaica,,, Period,Year to Date - Current Year vs. Previous Year,,, Currency,Canadian Dollars,,, ,,Jan-06,Jan-07,% Change 2007/2006 100190,100190 - MESLIN AND WHEAT NES,0,1907872,0 880330,880330 - PARTS OF AIRPLANES OR HELICOPTERS NES,2316,1032010,44460.02 300490,300490 - MEDICAMENTS NES - IN DOSAGE,242791,902525,271.73 852560,N/A,0,808654,0 30569,030569 - OTHER FISH NES - SALTED OR IN BRINE - NOT DRIED OR SMOKED,373969,591355,58.13 40210,040210 - MILK/CREAM POWDER (<1.6% FAT),0,375040,0 200410,"200410 - POTATOES, FROZEN - PREPARED/PRESERVED WITHOUT VINEGAR/ACETIC ACID",112190,291918,160.2 70190,070190 - POTATOES - FRESH OR CHILLED - EXCEPT SEED,56853,207217,264.48
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