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Toyota in Jamaica: Toyota is actually quite new in Jamaica. Toyota Jamaica Limited (TJL) took over what was previously United Motors Limited in November 2000. In Jamaica, there are no Toyota plants, and Toyota only acts as a distributor of its own merchandise. By setting up distributing centers and dealerships, Toyota is able to promote the growth of peripheral industries and also promoting consumption and thus contributing to the local economy. Since Toyota does not have any plants in Jamaica, most of the manufactured cars come from China. The reason for this is: 1. China is very cost competitive in the world market, the average labour salaries are much lower than the Western countries, yet the technologies are advanced and the worker are highly skilled. 2. China now rank 4 th in the auto manufacturing industry, this means the production of cars is very large, and that mass production made the cost of per unit produced even cheaper. In Toyota’s plants in China, most parts are being manufactured in
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