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复件 Ads for Canada


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Canada: It s Where You Invest Your Future! “ O’ Canada, She’s where our future lies! ” λ NAFTA Advantage! : #1  trading partner of the U.S.! Trading with the U.S. can never be so easy in Canada! λ Save More Money! : Abundance of land, fresh water and other resources!   Canada ranks #1 as the Least Costly Place to do Business in all G-7 countries! λ Fast & Stable Economic Growth! : We rank #2 in GDP growths among all G-7 countries!   λ Great Place to Live! : #1  in  equal opportunity  and  multiculturalism BEST  overall quality of living, & the  SAFEST  place to live among all G-7 countries! λ Location! Location! Location! : Easy access to not only the U.S. and  Latin America , But also to the  Asia-Pacific Rim , and the  EU ! References:
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"Canada at a Glance." InvestCanada . 26 06 2006. Government of Canada. 14 Mar 2007 <http://investincanada.com/en/1788/Canada_at_a_Glance.html#eco>.
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