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jPod Midterm Conference Proposal - jPod Midterm Proposal...

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jPod Midterm Conference Proposal Exemplar Course Code: IDC4U1, Music and Society Overall Expectations that has been covered so far . Identify the Baroque era and classical era’s music style and spirit Summarize – how the society effect music Identify the music style from each period Determine the relationship between composers and society Correctly use terminology associated with music and Society Identify the components and music sprit SCAPs completed. 1. Present the Baroque period music and society 2. Present the classical period music and society Terms learned until mid-term. Peoples, Groups, Organizations, etc. Discussed: Ms. Hanley, AYJACKSON Henry Kang, Music student in Wilfred Laurier Laws/Acts/Programs/Literary Works researched: Primary resource from history, Internet data based Concept Map: Concept Map using Smart Ideas or cMap - free software downloaded from - Please export as a PDF file and send to (You need to choose PDF while saving the concept map file.)
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Unformatted text preview: jPod Midterm Proposal Marking Scheme NAME:_______________ Criteria Mark Name, Course Code, Course Name /1 List of Overall Expectations Covered by Midterm /1 List of SCAPs Completed by Midterm /1 Glossary of Terms and Concepts Learned /10 Peoples, Groups, Organizations, etc. Discussed /2 Laws/Acts/Programs/Literary Works researched /2 Concept Map /10 Self-Management handed in by due date /2 Marking Scheme stapled to the back of Midterm proposal /1 TOTAL MARK /30 TOTAL MARK /5% jPod Midterm Mark Report for IDC4U1 for _________________________ Expecations Covered Mark SCAP 1 jSeminar /35 /7.5 SCAP 2 SCAP 3 Weekly Reflection /40 /2.5 SCAP 4 SCAP 5 Daily Agenda /38 /2.5 SCAP /80 Final Proposal /2.5 /2.5 Total SCAP / 7 = of Expectations x /80 = / 80 Total Communication /15 Midterm Proposal /5 Midterm Mark Mark (SCAP out of 80 + Communication Mark out of 15 + Midterm Proposal out of 5) / 100...
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jPod Midterm Conference Proposal - jPod Midterm Proposal...

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