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KICA 4. Analysis, Analysis the ideas of music in Baroque period. The term baroque refers to music written during the period extending roughly from 1600 to 1750, based on my experience, I really don’t like those Baroque music compare with other period, the main reason is because over 80% music in this period are full of religious flavour, the melody also ordinary, is really hard for me to understand those religious stuffs. Thus there is no question that why these pianists don’t like to play a baroque music in a recital right now. But during that time, the religious music is very popular, or I should say; only religious music can exist during that period. And the main reason is firstly: those noblemen, kingdoms are devout religious, they believe god, and they also believe music is the only way to talk to god and approach to god, in addition, there was no democracy during that time, and people have to follow those noblemen, so everybody became a religious follower. There is no question that
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