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KICA 4. Analysis, Analysis the reason why Europe break out Romantic period. The idea of personal freedom finally became reality during the nineteenth- century. The French Revolution signaled the transfer of power from the aristocracy to the middle class, and the position of the middle class depended on the industry and commerce of the Industrial Revolution. Romanticism was a movement that emerged during the French Revolution. It is believed to be the reaction to the Enlightenment. Enlightenment was a movement based on reason and rationality. Philosophers discussed the origin of the Earth and attempted to explain religion through rationality and empirical evidence. Romanticism, however, was the movement that was all about mind. 5. Synthesis How   Nature, Emotion and Imagination work together as music form? The importance of nature and emotion in music was evident in a variety of works. During this era, composers eager to insert nature and their own emotion, feeling into their works, so these music can led people into an intense imagination
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