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Basketball Game Ping! Ping! Ping! The “war” of the century begins between Bull and Laker. Onomapoteia Hyperbole Innumerous people are watching the game attentive. On the court, every Hyperbole player is gasping and perspiring . Only 20 seconds remain, Laker is one point Euphemism lead, Jordan of Bull is dribbling the ball, everyone holds their breath and Metaphor looks at every seconds striding away , because they don’t want to
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Unformatted text preview: miss one-Synesthesia, Personification millionth of a second . Jordan jumps up rapidly, like an eagle and elegantly Hyperbole Simile makes a shoot, Swish! 2 points made and time is right over. Jordan is Onomapoteia cheeri ng , laughi ng and shouti ng , audiences are e xtremely e xcited about Consonance Alliteration this final scoring . Bull is one point lead, they win the champion. Rhyme (Shouting)...
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