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Crow Lake: Journal #1 The event discussed in this journal is Luke’s decision of giving up his chance to go to college. After Luke being disappeared for almost a whole day, he came home with surprising news. He rejected Aunt Annie’s plan and gave up his chance of being a teacher so that the four of them could stay together. Everyone was shocked with Luke’s decision. Aunt Annie did not approve it. Although Luke was being generous, she was afraid that Luke did not know what he was suggesting. On the other hand, Matt was not happy with it because Luke made the decision without consulting him first. One of the examples that may be related to this is my own experience. In order to let my family have a better life, my father decided to quit his job and immigrate to Canada. I can not imagine how much courage he needs to have to make this decision.
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Unformatted text preview: Although my father has already gone through almost half of his life, there are still a lot of things for him to give up in order to make such a big decision. Both Luke and my father sacrifice themselves for other people. In my opinion, what Luke and my father did is admirable. Doing this not only needs a lot of courage but also determination. Also, I wonder what motivates people to make such decision. Is it simply because of responsibility or is it because of love? My answer would be both. Responsibility would not drive people that far, it must be love that make people choose such a decision. No matter what their reasons are, we have to admit that giving up your own dream for others is really admirable....
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