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Journal 1        Several months ago, I heard a song which is “Through The Rain” from  internet casually, the first time I just attract by her beautiful melody and dulcet  voice, but after I listen few times later, when I heard that, I notice its lyric is very  meaningful as well.        I think the meaning of the lyric is very straight forward.  Its title “Through The  Rain” which means when you are perplexed or when you don't know how to face  it. Like the poem said, when you in trouble, you lost your way and no one can  help you, please be tough, trust yourself, trust your power, be firm on your faith 
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Unformatted text preview: and you can solve these problems. When you are keep falling down or falling back, don't give up, don't think you never can across them, you can pass them in the end. If someone or something fleer you or you get some problems, don't be scared to face them, and don’t doubt yourself, you can beat them. And the song can inspire me a lot. Every time I got confusion, hopeless or even lose my way, the first think I would like to do is turn on my computer and open this music, and then enjoy it, and the song become one of my favourites....
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