Lovely Bones Creative #1

Lovely Bones Creative #1 - family for so many years it is...

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The Lovely Bones Creative piece #2 Dear Diary: I am back. I never dared to think I will be here again one day, but here I am. I thought maybe time will wash everything away, but standing here only make me think of her more. My memory of Susie is still vivid; I could not forget her face, her smile and everything about her. I suddenly have a feeling that for what I did in the past several years was nothing. I don’t know what word can be exactly used to express what I felt at that moment, the moment that I was finally at home. I could sense the pressure made me run away coming all over me again, but instead of turning away I went into Susie’s room. Everything was still the same, unchanged. I wanted to turn away and pretend nothing had happened just like what I had done. But no, not this time. I just stood there, looking on things that I once familiar with and looking at the fact that my daughter was already gone. Yes, my daughter is dead. After being away from my
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Unformatted text preview: family for so many years, it is now time for me to stop running away and accept it. And I do. Now I am thinking that maybe I can still survive living in this old place and maybe it is time to come back. Though it would be tough and awkward to return to a family that I had already abandoned, I will try my best. After all, it is me who was being irresponsible and escaped from the chaos. To say the truth, now I feel like a stranger in my family. I even can’t recognize my son and my daughter. Time does change things a lot. But I am not going to give up; it is time for me to pay the price. All I want to say is that, Susie, although your death changed our lives dramatically, I am not blaming it on you. It is me who didn’t know how to grow up and made the situation even worse. But everything is going to be alright. I promise you. And most importantly I want you to know that I love you, Susie, and I always will. Abigail...
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Lovely Bones Creative #1 - family for so many years it is...

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