Missing Girl Turns Out to be Dead

Missing Girl Turns Out to be Dead - handwriting on it was...

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Lovely Bones Creative piece 1 After increasing concern raised by the local community over the missing fifteen years old girl, Susie Salmon, the detective finally announced the discovery of an elbow which is suspected to belong to Susie in the cornfield. The mysterious case is being revealed by this significant clue. Susie Salmon, the victim of this tragedy, was found missing on December 6 after school and there was no sign of her in the following three days. However, the astounding news that an elbow was found was made by detective Fenerman on December 9. “Nothing is ever certain, further investigations are needed to be done,” as detective Fenerman said. Unfortunately, all the evidence found on the following days suggests that the missing girl might be dead. On the morning of the tenth, the police was convinced by Susie’s neighbor and English teacher that they had found a copy of Susie’s book, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Two days later, Susie’s notes were found accidentally when a cat knocked down a crow’s nest. The
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Unformatted text preview: handwriting on it was recognized to be Ray Singh’s, a boy who had a crush on the missing girl. However, Ray Singh was proven to be innocent when the police were presented with a list of forty-five attendees who had seen Ray speak at a lecture on the day when Susie was missing. Stronger evidence was found on December 15, the pompom that once belong to Susie. The tested result showed that the item was covered with Susie’s saliva and it appeared that whoever accosted Susie used it during the crime. The evidences prove that the assumption made earlier was correct. “All evidences points to Susie Salmon’s death,’’ as detective Fenerman said painfully. Although the investigation is going into a dead end, the police promise that they will do their best to solve the case. Also, the investigating plan is going to change, as detective Fenerman said, “We will be working with this as a murder investigation from this point.”...
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Missing Girl Turns Out to be Dead - handwriting on it was...

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