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Poetry unit review         In the past 3 months, we have a very wonderful poetry unit in our English  class, cause in these past 3 months, we had a lot of times to discuss, to talk  about our ideas and communicate with each other in our class. For example, I  really enjoy the time that in the poetic station, in the station we could explore our  ideas, like we could create our own idea after we listen, we could edit our own  poem and we could use picture to express our own thoughts as well… And I do 
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Unformatted text preview: learn something about English literacy which is poetry in this unit, not only the poetry device, but also learn how to analyse a poem, and it helps me see things in a different perspective. We don't have much homework in this unit, but we have a big anthology project to do in the end of this unit. And I very enjoy doing this big project. Overall, this unit gives me a new way to study English, and I hope we can have a same way to study the Essay unit in this way....
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