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Sesame Street Elmo: Chasel Big Bird: Franz F: Hey kids, welcome to Sesame Street! I am Big Bird. C: And I am Elmo. F: Today we are going to teach u the letter “A”. Say after me…… C: Wait a minute! Why do we keep teaching the kids the 26 English letters over and over again? Why don’t we learn some other languages? F: Because we are in Canada and English is the first language for most people here. C: But how about the other children around the world? They watch Sesame Street too, right? F: Yes, actually, over 380 million people speak English as their first language around the world. Those countries included Australia , Canada , New Zealand , the United Kingdom , and the United States . Moreover, it is used extensively as a second language and as an official language throughout the world, as well as in many international organizations . 1.6 billion people, including foreign learners, use English in communications , science , business , aviation , entertainment , and diplomacy and also on the Internet . C: Wow! But why are there so many people speaking English? Is it because they want to watch our show? F: Probably……not. One of the reasons is the economic and cultural influence of the United States increased and English, chiefly through development of culture military affairs, science and economic. Moreover, it was the influence of the United States that was the decisive factor in the World War II displacement of French by English as the primary language of global diplomacy. Because a working knowledge of English is required in many fields, professions, and jobs, so the education ministries throughout the world order student have to study English in their school. C: Oh, I also notice that most of the English speaking countries used to be British
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colonies. English is not their first language but an official language, such as India, Hong Kong and Singapore. F: Oh, you are wearing England national soccer team shirt. C: Yeah, I am a big fan of England. I know that it was often said that " the sun never sets on the British Empire ". The influence of the British Empire is the other primary reasons for the English language's spread worldwide. Now most of its colonies have become independent and mostly evolved into the Commonwealth of Nation. And English in all of the Commonwealth countries are at least a common second language . F: Can you give us some example? Not completed C: Contrary to Singaporeans or Australians, the general public tend to see Hong Kong English as a mistaken variant of language. People with higher education generally speak an acquired form of English modelled on British English , with American influences, but proficiency also depends on the individual language environments. Singlish
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SesameStreet - Sesame Street Elmo Chasel Big Bird Franz F...

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