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The Lovely Bones Journal #3 The major issue discussed in this journal is how people cope with death. Although coping with death is one of the major themes throughout the whole novel, there is one specific incident to look at. It began with a fight between Buckley and his father over the issue whether he could take Susie’s clothes for staking the tomatoes or not. Buckley was stopped by his father as he started to use his dead sister clothes. After so many years, Susie’s father still couldn’t let go of her, as Buckley yelled that one of his friend was totally okay with her father’s death. Although personally I have never had this kind of experience, this kind of situation can be easily seen in TV shows, novels or even news. One of the cases that may be related to this is a Japanese drama called “one litter of tears”, which is a real story about a girl dying from a disease called SCA ( spinocerebellar ataxia). She lost her
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Unformatted text preview: control over her cerebellum as time passed by and finally, she died. Her family watched the whole process. Although her family had a hard time, they did manage to get through it with a positive perspective. I believe it is important to know how to deal with death, not only because it is a lesson that someday we all have to go through but also because it would help us live in a better way if we know how to cope with death properly. Although people tend to connect with the death by searching memory or preserving hangovers left by the dead, I think it would not be good if one do it overly. Though I can imagine how much Susie’s father loved her, somehow I agree with Buckley’s opinion because of the fact that Buckley admitted her sister’s death and acted that way. There is nothing wrong for a person to grieve for the dead but one shouldn’t be held by the dead too much. Somehow we have to let it go....
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