Two mysterious kids are found, news report

Two mysterious kids are foundï¼Πnews...

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                           Franz Li Two mysterious kids are found Two unidentified coma kids were  found at Willesden Park by Simon  who was running through the place  which is north of Finch Avenue on  December 25 th  morning. Simon said, “I discovered these  two boys while crossing the park, at  about 8 P.M., it seems that they have  been   fainted   for   a   long   time,   and  then   I   called   911   immediately,  because of the living condition badly  outside.”   The   doctors   and   nurses  were salvaging them for hours; the  kids came to life on next morning Obviously, the two kids felt very  strange to this new place. As their  weird behaviors, polices and doctors  asserted that they are not natives.  The   two  kids  said  that   they  came  from a community which everything  is ordered and  ruled,  For  instance 
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Two mysterious kids are foundï¼Πnews...

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