Persentation from Franz Li

Persentation from Franz Li - Franz Li 1) plot summary 1 ....

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Unformatted text preview: Franz Li 1) plot summary 1 . Merry Christmas is coming, but these poor couple, Jim and Della cant buy anything to each other, because they dont have enough money. 2 . Della is very upset, therefore she goes to find Ms. Sofronie, and sells her hair in 20 dollars, she uses the money to buy a watch to Jim, and she believe the watch is absolutely fit on Jim with his chain, 3 . She back home and wait for Jim to give the surprise to him, but Jim is stunned by her disappear hair, 4 . Because Jim sells his chain to buys a Comb that she wants to her, 2) Setting Home 3) character Jim and Della 4) major conflict These poor couple cant but any present to each other in Merry Christmas day, therefore they sell their hair and chain to buy a watch and combos to each other, and suddenly these presents lose their value, but they know the love and care more deeply. 5) symbolism 1, they can sell the hair and legacy to each other, means that they are very care about each other, they can understand what is love, because they can sacrifice their most important thing and give it to each other. Also Jim and Della represent those pure and simple love. 6) Quotations A mathematician or a wit would give you the wrong answer. One dollar and eight-seven cents. Will you buy my hair? Give it to me quick Out of his trance Jim seemed quickly to wake. He enfolded his Della 7) discuss what you like Some people may think Jim and Della are very stupid, because they sacrifice their most importance for each other, but we can find out the really pure love and the heart of warm, form these poor couples, even though these present lose their value, but suddenly they become the most costful presents in the world, because their true heart, these presents become invaluable asset. The Rocking Horse Winner Plot People need money to live, but everybody wants more money. More money means an easier life. The more money one has, the more money one wants, as is shown in the story, "The Rocking Horse Winner" In the story, the main character, Hester, a fake and greedy woman who has a boy and 2 girls. Even though they are rich enough, but as they said "Although they lived in style they felt always an anxiety in the house. There was never enough money." Hester always complain that she is an unlucky person to his boy, Paul, who is never got mother love. And also an unspoken phrase "Whispered" throughout the house, "There must be more money! There must be more money!" Paul, the child, knew that his family wanted money, and he knew that he was lucky, betting on the horses. Paul became partners with the gardener. He picked the horse, and the gardener, Bassett, placed the bet. Paul had started out with five shillings but his winnings kept adding up. When he had made out with five shillings but his winnings kept adding up....
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Persentation from Franz Li - Franz Li 1) plot summary 1 ....

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